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We have the most innovative way to take care of your tenant placement and property management needs. Inside you will discover everything to make the best decision for your property.

Call It Home Utah has been successfully joining property owners and renters for over 10 years. I pride myself on providing superior service throughout every step of the process: from the listing of your rental unit, all the way through to the preparation and execution of a lease. I am a member of Utah Rental Housing Association. The Rental Housing Association of Utah (RHA Utah) is a non-profit trade association designed to protect, educate, connect, and grow the rental industry in the state of Utah.

Through our extensive marketing efforts, your property is exposed to potential renters each day via our many online ads and rental websites we market the properties on. Your rental property will immediately be posted to our website, as well as


Additionally, we are a FULL SERVICE real estate company. We offer distinct advantages over our competitors for fellow investors; we have successfully been able to help maximize rental income, as well as give advice on ways to decrease expenses moving forward. If you are looking to PURCHASE real estate, to add to your investment portfolio, we can help find the right property for you.

If you are looking to SELL property, in addition to the MLS, our database of investors can be an invaluable resource in helping to locate the right buyer. Our agents are highly professional, service-oriented, and can help you with any and all of your real estate needs.



1. How much will my property rent for?

First step in our process is to evaluate your property in person. In doing so we can determine what the rental rates should be, based on the current market.

​2. How quickly will you find a tenant?

With a property that is priced correctly, you should see your property rented in 30 days or less. Our marketing makes your property visible to thousands of potential renters each week.

3. What is involved in the tenant screening?

Once we receive the application, Western Reporting will check and deliver the following reports:

National and state background, sex offender, and eviction database.

Detailed copy of their credit report with score and payment history.

Review of any delinquent accounts.

If they are self-employed, we ask for current tax returns or bank statement.

I confirmand check all information given on the application including job history and rental history with specific questions about payments, property condition and any nuisance issues.

4. How and when do we collect tenant placement fee?

We only are paid once you approve an applicant that we provide and a lease has been signed. If you deny a potential resident, you will not owe us any money. All fair housing laws must be adhered to when selecting an application to rent. Once approved we collect upfront fees from resident; first month’s rent, deposit and any fees. It is out of these funds that our fee is paid. Any excess funds collected are paid to owner.

5. Can you cancel?

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy, you have complete control to cancel our business relationship. 

6. How much does it cost?

We understand that everyone’s situation is different. Some clients only need assistance with leasing the property, while others prefer to have all aspects of the management process taken care of. That is why we give our clients options and let them decide which management plan is right for them.

7. What about pets?

Pets are your choice. You can specify if you want to allow pets on the property. Here is some information to help you make that decision: Over 60% of renters have pets. If you choose not to allow pets it may take longer to rent the property, but you lower the risk of having damages caused by a pet. If you do allow pets, we recommend a limit of 2 and weight restrictions based on the size of the property. We also recommend $200-$300 per pet for an additional deposit, with an additional pet rent. Our inspection process always includes a thorough search for pet damages and smell. We have found through the years of screening potential residents that pet typically match their owners. Good, clean people have good clean pets.


* It should be noted that if a tenant has proper documentation for an emotional service animal (ESA) as allowed in the Fair Housing Act, then we are obligated to allow these animals. The tenant is still responsible for any damages caused by the animal.

8. What If there is a maintenance issue? (management)

Should an issue arise; the resident will complete a maintenance request through the online portal. Once they have done this, our team will assess which vendor will be able to properly handle the maintenance issue. Should a major issue arise, owner approval will be needed.

9. What if the tenant stops paying or causes trouble? (management)

Our screening process is designed to spot any problems and prevent issues before they start. Should issues arise, Call It Home Utah will help to make sure any and all problems are solved.

10. Owner approved maintenance (management)

All of our owners are notified of all maintenance issues. However, we will address and resolve all repair requests for our owners that take advantage of our premium management services. We do typically set a maintenance reserve of $250. Meaning that if a maintenance issue comes up and is below the reserve amount, we just fix it and let you know. This keeps your property running smoothly and your residents happy. For larger issues, we typically get multiple bids and will always contact you for approval.

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